Hello, my name is Christian Joore.

I am a Fine Art Photographer living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

My work can be straight photography at times but is usually composited into various decorative art styles, like surrealism, fantasy, abstract, minimalism, psychedelic, vintage, rustic, etc.

In this site you will find my work and an analysis of each piece, providing an entry into its meaning. Please enjoy.

About Art

Art needs to catch the imagination as much as the eye. It needs mystery, something to tweak our attention and jostle our awareness.

However, this is only half the story. The appreciation of art is not a passive exercise. It can be deeply meaningful but relies upon you to see it, interpret it, feel it. It requires you to put aside intellectuality and let a different quality of awareness come through.

The feeling Art provides may not be a big eureka moment either, it can be simple. A subtle feeling that whispers but does not speak. And so my task is to open your perception to the subtlety and the discovery.

Art is like a bus trip from Denver to Chicago, where the bus breaks down on a country road. While you wait you notice a horse farm nearby. You get off and go to greet them at the fence. Feeding them grass you realize what stunning creatures they are, all the while forgetting about the bus and the delay.

The appreciation of art is that moment; the awareness revealed when the conventional drops away. It is an opportunity to connect to life in unexpected ways.