Totem 206

The Totem visits the Hare, with warm greetings and a warning.

All ears, Hare listens well to what the Totem does tell. “The clock is a trap dear friend; time is best left overhead the Hatter instead.” 

Just like that Hare did the act, maddening the Hatter, rousing him to snare Hare deep in his hat. “I will capture this Hare well, so I may shatter times’ spell,” the Hatter howled. 

However, there is no spell from magic; rather, something ironic and tragic, poisoned felt ’round the Hatter’s hat, unknowingly wound the Hatter, madder and madder. Spinning his head like a mercury clock, tick tock, tick tock.

Nearby, Kip Lunewischer, the Lunacy Commissioner, lurks near an earthen mound, quietly inbound to impound the Hatter. “Skillfully, you will see, I will return Hatter to the Asylum for tea.” But the Hatter won’t come peacefully ’til his fabled riddle is tabled rightly, “How is a Raven like a writing desk?” Hatter spitefully requests. “Because they both come with inky quills,” Kip says aptly, “… now, come for tea, it will make you happy.”