Artwork: Bastion

The symbolism of the crow is found in nearly every culture around the world. Its spiritual meaning can be benevolent or mischievous, with every characteristic in between. Its black colour is at the core of the symbolism, alluding to the void and death.

Voidness can be seen as nothingness but can also be associated with pure potential. In the psyche, the unconscious mind is precisely this. When we sleep, our unconscious demonstrates its potential by activating experiences in dreams.

In science, void-ness is impossible. Even the darkest, coldest, most vacuous areas of the universe still have something: the exchange of potential between matter and anti-matter—an effervescent ‘is-ness’ weaving together the fabric of the universe along all points.

“Bastion” is generally defined as a fortified place, anything serving or protecting some quality. The art shows a crow perched atop a birdhouse, a confined space. In the distance is a house and tree in the fog. The fence outlines the property, demonstrating the limits of another confined space. The crow moves beyond these limits.