A Psychedelic story that you may enjoy:

Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung was born in 1875, the year of the pig.

In 1906, Jung had interacted with a patient that had hallucinations of tubes coming down from the disc of the sun, which he believed was the ‘origin of the wind’, known famously as ‘Phallus of the Sun disc’.

In 1952, photographs of nuclear testing in Nevada (Operation Tumbler-Snapper), produced images of fireballs: millisecond exposures by a Rapatronic camera. The fire ball had tube-like protrusions along the bottom called ‘Rope Tricks’, affects of vaporized guide wires that held the tower.

Piggy-pop characterizes the explosion as a psychic event. Imprinting itself on what Jung had theorized as ‘the collective unconscious’. Producing an Archetype in human experience, a vision of tubes from the sun, that all mankind, past and present, would carry in their dreams.