Totem 19

Mind from matter – the ultimate mystery. And from whatever point you choose to view it, its poetry will captivate.

Science tells us that matter is all atoms – electrons, protons and neutrons, which is perfectly reasonable and testable. And yet, there is still poetry. You see, an electron is not perfectly located in space and time. It is not a thing. What an electron specifically is cannot be definitively described. 

If consciousness comes from matter, and if matter isn’t perfectly located in space and time, is it fair to say that consciousness isn’t strictly bound to local physicality?

Moreover, what if the mind were primary in this relationship? fundamental, the catalyst to the physical, extending beyond ideas of matter/energy and time/space?

Two quotes from Freeman Dyson, Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician:

“I think our consciousness is not just a passive epiphenomenon carried along by the chemical events in our brains but is an active agent forcing the molecular complexes to make choices between one quantum state and another.”

“It appears that mind, as manifested by the capacity to make choices, is to some extent inherent in every electron.”