Totem 139

Knowing Water

Human-generated energy like microwaves, sound waves, even brain waves can affect the molecular structure of water. Of course, water will always be H20, but how hydrogen bonds in water can be susceptible to outside influence.

The structures of hydrogen bonds seem to remember and express vibrational energies they are exposed to. Because of this water acts like memory, resonating and ultimately learning from the environment, like an organic computer. 

The human body is made of roughly 70 percent water, of course its importance to us cannot be overstated, and this may be more true than we know. A deeper connection we have to water is its linkage to DNA. The double helix structure of DNA is coated in layers of water molecules. 

“Water serves as a mediator between DNA and other molecules, even for very specific interactions. Before any molecule can bind to a segment of DNA, it must first go through this water shell,”
~ Martin Egli, Biochemistry professor at Vanderbilt University.

If water has a memory like an organic computer, and acts as a mediator between other molecules and DNA, it is not a stretch to consider how water memory could affect the meditation process.

Even considering the fact of the nearly improbable complexity of DNA itself, one might wonder if its complexity was coached along by water memory, a memory that has been drawn across 4.5 billion years of earth’s history.