Totem 132

What is behind the Totem?

The Totem is analogous to a time capsule, where memories are conserved for future generations to learn and benefit from. But different from a capsule, the Totem represents a psychic entity instead. One that stores and maintains a collection of human experiences. 

Related to this is the idea of Archetypes. In Jungian psychology, an archetype is a pattern of thought or symbolic imagery inherited from collective experience, brought forward into the individual’s unconscious. These pure mental forms are inborn traits, much like instincts, that are ready to motivate and influence behaviour.

You are your parent’s DNA, but you also carry aspects of their behaviour. How are these mental traits encoded into molecular compounds? 

Of course, this is the ultimate question; mind and matter are two distinct entities, but somehow they are connected. What if we reframed the question along evolutionary lines? Could the genetic evolution of a species be bifurcated along both DNA and Parapsychological lines? What would that look like? Is the Totem Psi-DNA? Perhaps.

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