Totem 126

Re-framing the Totem. 

The undercurrent of the Totem series is about revitalizing one’s attention. Where the unexpected makes an adjustment to our perspective. An idea that Totem 71 demonstrated very clearly. But even here, we see a ‘break in the fourth wall,’ albeit in reverse. 

I like doing this because it keeps the idea of the Totem in flux, so it doesn’t turn into a conceptual anchor. I fear the series is constantly under threat of going stale, turning into a ‘Where’s Waldo’ for beginners. So surrealism is important and needs to be constantly evolving. 

And so, as mentioned, the fourth wall is in reverse here, The Totem is now ‘outside of art’, laying as a bench in a gallery. Symbolically a place to sit and observe, hence the other side of the ‘wall’. Even has a cup holder too. 

So is this a fifth wall? I am not sure. Regardless, the game remains the same, ungrounding the Totem, so it freely floats above abstraction. And doesn’t become a concept, a mere product of the mind. It must remain natural and supernatural simultaneously, and more importantly, outside disbelief so that you can take it inside of you. Like sipping on a milkshake, relaxing and reflecting on the taste. You disappear into the flavour and then move on when you’re done.