Totem 30

I dedicate this artwork to Cyril, who affectionately mentioned how this series had impacted him, similar to Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey film.

This private comment impacted me too, It made me realize that the series has not explored outer space. So now Totem 30 touches upon an astronomical theme, its own ‘Space Odyssey,’ far out alongside a Blue giant star.
Thank you Cyril!

What does a Star have to do with consciousness?

Panpsychist philosophy touches upon the possibility of consciousness being everywhere in the cosmos; in atoms, as well as in stars and galaxies. We know that consciousness and matter are related somehow, especially where electrical activity in the brain is concerned. So perhaps this extends beyond only brains. Perhaps all matter is conscious to some degree. The more complex the self-organizing system is, the larger the degree. For example, a star is vastly more complex electrically than our brains are. So why would it not be conscious? Not to say that it would think like a human.