Totem 21

I’ve been trying to develop a narrative for the Totem, with great difficulty. Lately, I have been steering away from the Totem representing a real object. So this artwork doesn’t help.

Many private comments from members have got me thinking that perhaps this represents a psychic phenomenon instead. For instance, Tristan had written me about an ‘Egregore‘, I had to look it up:

… a psychic manifestation brought about by a group of people. I like this… a ‘thoughtform’ or shared thoughts of a group, a motivation or influence that ties them together.

The word Totem means family in Ojibwe, which relates well here. And perhaps this is the idea; the Totem is a psychic concept, a non-physical entity depicted as real, a conceptual monument signifying humanity’s psychic connection to each other. In terms of art, I am not sure what this series is, conceptual art? or ‘mild surrealism’?