Totem 3

In response to Marko on Art Limited, I wrote:

Thank you Marko. Yes the object seems to have an almost archetypal quality to it, reminiscent of many space-like movies. The slit being iconic as a port to look out of … like the mask of the Cylons from Battle Star Galactica, or many Star Wars helmets, i.e. Boba Fett… yes, Arrival is a perfect example with reference to the shape, thank you… the slit generally gives a conscious quality to the object… much like the KITT car from 1980’s Knight Rider with the oscillating red eye. Thanks again Marko for this observation and compliment.

… just recalled the movie Sleepy Hallow, it had a scene with an iron maiden (torture device) that had a slit to look out of. Perhaps giving this a slightly ominous feel… yikes, I just gave myself a chill..