Artwork: ’55 Sheets to the wind”

Finally, I was able to do something with this photograph, taken over 11 years ago in Venice. I probably did even stop walking when I snapped it, but it’s always been in the back of my mind. Thankfully… finally… I found the right treatment to bring it to life.

Besides the aesthetic, I also wanted to concentrate on getting a better composition. And so above, the Right-side image shows the comp. lines I used to align the subject matter. The person walking with the bag is right on target here, also the main 45-degree line follows right up along the bottom of the window sills. The horizon is on the bottom third, and the clothesline on the top-most, completing the classic ‘rule of thirds’ nicely.

We also have birds (added in later) in the central most quadrants, but I had them cascade to the right to compliment the general movement here.

Also, the brickwork that forms the alley floor, follows the walking person perfectly inline the left-side-vertical-third angle. A constellation of compositional adherence! Yes, how very fussy of me.

And I am usually more free-spirited with how I lay my artwork out but I was having trouble balancing all the elements using just my intuition. For those that like interesting details, notice the number 55 on the left side, also the number of sheets hanging in the alley… mostly. Alright not exactly… and maybe not all that interesting either… anyway, this is how I amuse myself.

Here is the original photo (July 2, 2009)
Slightly skewed, too busy, lacking in every way.
Taken in the Castello area of Venice.
The street name is “Calle Nuova”.