The ‘Mu-Bird’ is a logo of my design. It shows a Chinese character with a bird striking out of a circular frame, symbolizing ‘beyond conventional.’

The idea came from traditional Chinese ‘Chops,’ or Seals; a carved stone used with a red paste to make an impression on paper. These have been used for thousands of years instead of personal signatures to sign official documents or artwork.

My design was carved into stone by Henry Li of Blue Heron Arts Co. in Los Angeles, California. I use it when signing the certificates issued with my art prints.

What the seal signifies is philosophical, rooted in Zen Buddhism. The Chinese character Mu (無) simply means ‘no’, ‘non, or ‘not’. What this means within Zen tradition is ‘not conceptual’—in this case, referring to ultimate reality, which is beyond conventional thought or intellectual distinction.

For me, this is synonymous with art appreciation and creativity in general. We all enjoy art in our lives, whether it is a song we like, a painting, a photograph, a poem, etc. These touch a part of us more deeply than words or conventional experience can. For this reason, aesthetic appreciation is a conduit to delve into the depths of our being, well beyond the surface of intellectual reasoning. And so, I have symbolized this ‘breakage through the surface’, as a bird striking out of a frame.