The ‘Mu-Bird’ Logo

Hello and welcome to my website and first blog post.
To start things off, I would like to touch upon the origins of my logo.

The ‘Mu-Bird’ logo is my own design. It is comprised of a Japanese character encased in a round frame, with a bird breaking out the upper right side. The general idea came from traditional East Asian ‘Chop Marks’, or printing seals that were used in lieu of signatures on documents many years ago. 

In Chinese culture, seals have been used for hundreds of years, usually to mark authorship on important documents, artwork, and other paperwork. Seals are used with red Cinnabar paste to make an impression on paper. My particular seal is used alongside my penned signature when signing limited edition prints. This design was carved into stone by Henry Li of Blue Heron Arts Co. in Los Angeles, California.

What the design signifies is philosophical, rooted in Zen Buddhist tradition. The character Mu (無) which simply means ‘nothing,’ ‘not’ or ‘no,’ in Japanese, characterizes a ‘transcendental negation of conventional reality’. If this sounds sort of off-putting, I’m sorry but its intent is to enlighten. To open a person to the ‘ground of being’ beyond intellectual distinction.

If that didn’t help, I understand. And encase you’re the curious type, I invite you to investigate this on your own. It’s far too early in this blog to dive any deeper than this.

Anyway, I find Mu synonymous with creativity, with art experience. The bird represents the essence of our imagination; above intellectuality. And Mu infers detachment from the conventional. Together the Mu-Bird symbolizes our mind’s character, the free flow of experience coloured with impressions and deepened with meaning.

Mu-Bird Logo
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