I am glad you are here.

Art is wonderful, but it needs an audience. Without one its meaningless, un-actualized, impotent. You bring it meaning, and so again, I am glad you are here.


My name is Christian Joore.

You may be hopeful to read something meaningful about me here, but you’ll be disappointed. I’m sorry. I didn’t have anything prepared. Until I figure out what I want to say, I will use Latin text as placeholder copy. This is common practice in Graphic Design.

And so, as you may have guessed, this section is rubbish. In fact before using the Latin, I wish to point out that what you are reading now is referred to as ‘automatic writing’, something surrealists do to allow spontaneous thought to flow outwards onto the page, or in this case, webpage. So you can continue to read this if you wish, but I’d hate for you to waste your time.

Then again, whom am I to judge. Perhaps this is just the type of thing that interests you. I don’t know. Anyway, maybe in time I will have something better to say here. Until then, you can skip this section entirely. I would suggest checking out my Portfolio & Analysis page or Blog, they are far more interesting.

Anyway, I hope you like my website, but if you do not, oh well I tried; here’s the Latin I told you about, enjoy! : hoc est scripturam inutilia et stulta. Ego creo scientia nihil est. fine carent ignorantiae meae est. Cur pullum transire per viam? Ut ad alterum latus. Transire faciendo quae tetra substantiam a nasus ad digito. Digitus in privatis nasum mee.

About Art

Art needs to catch the imagination as much as the eye. It needs an element of mystery, something that tweaks our attention and jostles our awareness. However, this is only half the story – art needs to be appreciated, but this is not a passive exercise.

Art is deep with meaning but relies upon you to see it, interpret it, feel it. It requires that you open yourself beyond intellectuality and let a different quality of thought come through. It very often isn’t some big eureka moment, it can be the simplest of feelings. But being aware of it is the challenge. This is what art does.

And so my task as an artist is to entice your perception on a journey. Like a bus trip from Denver to Chicago, one that breaks down on a country road in front of a horse farm. While you wait, horses approach, and you get off the bus to greet them. What stunning creatures they are.

Art gives us the opportunity to connect to life in unexpected ways. It is an opportunity to approach the boundary of ordinary experience and feel a new  horizon.